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Extrusion line for polymeric packing production was started up in Belarus

Carnevalli together with Terra Print have realized a large project in the field of plastic film production — the extrusion line Carnevalli Polaris COEX 3 PO was opened up at BZPI.


An introduction in facts and figures to this landlocked country in the north-east of Europe

 Official Name

 Republic of Belarus
President of Belarus
Alexander Lukashenko  (1994)
Prime Minister of Belarus
Mikhail V. Myasnikovich (2010)
Total land area of Belarus
207,600 km²
Nationality of Belarus
Population – 9.7 million
Regional centres of Belarus:

(Source: 1999 census)

Languages spoken in Belarus
Belarusian and Russian
National holidays in Belarus
Independence Day, 3 July
Currency of Belarus
Belarusian rouble (Br)
Economic indicators
GNP (2009) Br136790 billion; per capita: Br14153 thousand
Commodity structure of export (2009):
  • mineral products-  37.9%
  • chemical industry production, rubber – 18,2%
  • cars, equipment and vehicles – 15,7%
  • black, nonferrous metals and products from them – 6,9%
  • articles of food and agricultural raw materials – 10,8%
  • others – 10,5%
Commodity structure of import (2009):
  • mineral products– 40,3%
  • chemical industry production, rubber – 12,4%
  • cars, equipment and vehicles – 22,6%
  • black, nonferrous metals and products from them – 8,8%
  • articles of food and agricultural raw materials – 8,2%
  • others – 7,7%
Main Business Partners of Belarus
  • Russia
  • Netherlands
  • Germany
  • Ukraine
  • Poland
  • Latvia
  • China
  • The UK
  • Italy
  • India
Main Industries of Belarus
  • metallurgical
  • mechanical engineering, including tractors and agricultural, cars, machine-tool constructing and tool industry, instrument making, radio engineering, electro technical, electronic, optics-mechanical industry; and metal working
  • chemical and petrochemical
  • light industry
  • food industry
Area of farmland in Belarus
8944.7 thousands hectares (2008)
Areas of speciality in agriculture: grain, potatoes, vegetables, sugar beet, flax, meat and dairy industry
Natural resources
  • wood
  • peat
  • small oil and natural gas fields
  • granite
  • dolomite
  • limestone
  • clay
  • sand
Number of people in employment
4.7 million (2009)
Distribution of employed population across key economic sectors:
  • industry – 26.2%
  • agriculture – 9.3%
  • transportation and communication – 7.6%
  • retail, catering, logistics – 14.7%
  • education – 9,7%
  • public health services, physical training and social security – 7.2%
  • others – 16.3%
Why locate your business in Belarus?
Foreign investment and trade with Belarus has risen 8-fold since 2002, and there are now more than 4000 joint venture and foreign enterprises in Belarus.
Currently the main trading partners are:
  • Russia
  • Germany
  • Poland
  • US
  • Lithuania
  • Great Britain
  • Cyprus
  • Latvia
There are many reasons for such an increase in the number of international companies in Belarus. The main attractions are:
  • Geographical location
Belarus, on the eastern border of Europe, is strategically well positioned as a major trading route between Europe and the CIS.
  • Economic stability
In turbulent economic times, the Belarus economy has been less affected than those which rely on global markets. Market analysts predict a robust growth for the economy of Belarus.
  • Favourable investment climate
Measures to encourage business include Free Economic Zones, a High Technology Centre and special tax incentives for businesses operating in rural areas orsmall towns.
Investment regulations have improved considerably in recent years too.Belarushas also been named in the top 10 for regulatory reform Doing Business 2009in the World Bank and IFCreport
  • Highly skilled workforce
Almost 50% of workers in Belarus have a higher education
  • Industrially developed economy
Currently around a third of the Belarus GDP comes from the industrial sector.
What issues do you need to consider before setting up business in Belarus?
As with any new market, it's vital to do your research before embarking on any business venture in Belarus. As well as researching your market sector you should also find out about:
What issues do you need to consider before setting up business in Belarus?
As with any new market, it's vital to do your research before embarking on any business venture in Belarus. As well as researching your market sector you should also find out about:
Where can you get further help and advice?
The Belarusian government is committed to attracting direct foreign investment and promoting international trade. Several bodies and ministries are available to provide help and assistance to foreign investors.
A number of international law and accountancy firms have offices in Belarus. There are also several commercial organisations in Belarus that specialise in helping foreign companies enter the market.
Investing in Belarus
Belarusian and German businessmen participate in the Investment in Business and Regional Development Forum
An overview of the benefits of investing in Belarus, the business environment, and the organisations that can support your Belarus trade initiative…
Why should you invest in Belarus?
Belarus today is an attractive prospect for potential investors. The many benefits for investors include:
  • economic stability
  • 6 free economic zones 
  • progressive investment legislation guaranteeing protection of investors' rights
  • Foreign Investment Advisory Council under the Council of Ministers of the Republic of Belarus
  • strategic geographical location
  • highly skilled workforce
  • industrially developed economy
  • well-developed transport and communications infrastructure
How about economics in Belarus? Are the banks in Belarus reliable?
Since Belarus gained independence from the Soviet Union in 1991, the country has seen steady economic growth, particularly in recent years.
Belarusian banks offers a wide range of services. Special attention is turned to lending to people, investment projects, housing construction, assistance of the agricultural industry.
The bulk of the capital of the banking system (nearly 85%) is in five system-forming banks – Belagroprombank, Belarusbank, Priorbank, Belpromstroibank, Belinvestbank.
Founded in 1991, the National Bank of the Republic of Belarus is the major part of the country's banking system. It is based on the Constitution of the Republic of Belarus, the Banking Code, etc. Its management bodies are the Board of Directors (its chairman and members are appointed by the President of Belarus) and the Council of Directors. The National Bank represents the country in the international organizations on the issues under its competence, has a right to participate in the activity of the international banking funds and associations, open representative offices in other countries.

Commercial banks in Belarus operate with a degree of autonomy, and many foreign banks are also represented in the country.
Belarus is a member of several key international organisations:
  • International Monetary Fund (IMF)
  • World Bank
  • European Bank of Reconstruction and Development (EBRD)
Are there any examples of successful investment projects in Belarus?
Yes. International companies in Belarus have been involved in numerous successful investment projects, contributing significant revenues and infrastructure improvements to the Belarusian economy.
Are there any agencies that can help me invest in Belarus?
Yes. The National Investment Agency of Belarus was established by the Government specifically to help attract foreign investment into Belarus.
There are also a number of other ministries, agencies and organisations that can help.
The public corporation “Borisov plastic production factory” started its production activity in 1966 and currently it’s the largest specialized in manufacturing of plastic products enterprise in Belarus. Plastics are produced by the following methods:
- injection molding;
- extrusion;
- expulsion;
- rotational molding.
ul.Daumana, 97 222120, Borisov, Minsk region.
Phone: 74-48-07; 74-48-09, 73-43-56, fax: (10-375-177) 74-49-24, 75-26-96, 74-36-10
http:// www.
The offer to investors: creation of joint manufacturing, allocation of funds in the form of the loan (credit) 
“Development of the metalpolymer -pipe production for domestic heating systems”
Project goal: development of modern metalpolymer -pipe heating systems production process for use inside the buildings. Usages of modern metalpolymer -pipes simplify the assembly of the heating systems, decreasing the cost of construction and give opportunity to replace the import of the similar products to the Republic of Belarus.
Equipment: line for production of metalpolymer five- layer tubes.
PPR 80, PPR100
Investment requirement: 450 000 USD.
Payback: 2.17 years.
Net profit: 320 thousand USD.
Sales area: The Republic of Belarus- 283 t
“Modernization of the film production site on the JSC“BZPI "
Project goal: expansion of the films production range, film products. Produce films with new properties, allowing extension of their scope of application.
Equipment: extrusion lines for films production in excess of 4 units
Investment requirements: 5.5 million USD.
Payback: 3,5 years.
Net profit: 1 560 thousand USD.
Sales area: The Republic of Belarus and CIS countries  t

“Developing of the spiral-wound pipes manufacturing»

Project goal: development of polymeric spiral-wound pipes used for the construction of sewers, septic tanks, manhole.
Equipment: machine for coiling of pipe profile and welding of coils.
Investment requirement: 350 000 USD.
Payback period: 1 year.
Net profit: 570 thousand USD.
If you are interested in our investment projects, contact the telephone numbers listed:

Director Leonid Rodich tel. (10-375-177) 73-43-56.
Chief Engineer Vladimir L. Pavlovitch (10-375-177) 74-48-15

The public corporation “Borisov plastic production factory” will be your reliable partner, ready for long-term and successful cooperation!


+375 (177)  74-48-07

+375 (177)  74-48-09

+375 (177)  span>74-46-96

222511, Republic of Belarus,
Minsk region,  Borisov, Dauman Str., 97

Official site of the GO "Belresursy"

Official site of the State Committee on Property of the Republic of Belarus



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